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"Here's The Smart & Simple Way To Explode Your Mailing List

& Boost Your Profits FAST!"

Automated List Profits

Revealed: The Most Effective Way To Grow Your List!

Watch the full video above to see exactly how you can turn a typical email

marketing approach on its head... simply by using AutomatedListProfits! 

But to save you even more time... here is the list of everything you need to build highly targeted

& hugely profitable email lists - instantly!

Automated list rocket
  • You will get instant access to the exclusive, Automated List Profits member area containing HUNDREDS of Lead Magnet packages you can use, immediately!

    PLUS Every month Automated List Profits members get to download TWO brand new exclusive list building packages.

    These are 100% original creations just for Automated List Profits members to use (and profit from). You cannot find these available elsewhere. 

    Each "Done For You" Package Includes:

  • TWO Fully editable professionally written reports in word doc & ready to go PDF version! (a good exclusive report would cost you at least $100+ anywhere else just for one report...you are getting TWO!)

  • Ready to upload lead sucking squeeze page with professional graphics! (Includes the editable PSD files and saves you hundreds of dollars every month if you hired this out)

  • Copy/Paste follow up emails you can stick in your autoresponder to send to your new subscribers - promoting those to selling products! (These are all ready to just copy and paste from notepad into your favorite autoresponder system, just change the affiliate links inside to yours, add your name and you’re done.)

  • All you need to do is add your affiliate ID to the affiliate links, save as a PDF, upload everything and start sending traffic to your squeeze page!

    It is incredible...You are the only one who will ever have editorial rights to these reports. This means you can brand them to make them your own, edit the content, promote your own products or affiliate programs inside them, and do just about anything else you like with them except claim copyright.

    As you can see, if you tried to do all that yourself, you’d be looking at days and even weeks of your time just getting one of these ready-made packages together. Even if you outsource them yourself, you’d be looking at your time managing the multiple people you would need to hire and spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars of your hard earned money every month!

    We Both Know You Have Better Things To Do With  Your Time And Hard Earned Money, Right?

    AutomatedListProfits gives you everything a smart list builder needs to grow & monetize a business... And list building is the backbone of every online business. We can agree on this, right?

    So, for a nominal amount of money you can get the tools you need and if you’re serious about building your list and making consistent sales this is really a no-brainer.

    When The Membership Becomes Full This Offer Will Be Closed

    Now that you know how much you NEED this for success in your list building. Here’s the catch… we do plan on limiting memberships. We have closed this membership before and only open it when memberships become available. We close our doors simply because we don’t want the marketplace to be flooded. We also want to provide the best service to you so by keeping the membership more exclusive, we focus on keeping the membership at a higher quality.

    So, if the button does not work you have missed your chance - you don't want to miss your chance...


    If you are in time to get in on this membership… You can also put your mind at ease by knowing that this is totally risk free for you. If for any reason you decide this is not for you, then you can be rest assured that we’ll refund all of your investment back without hassle or any hard feelings. ​

    Take a full 30 days to try this system out. If at any time during your first 30 days, if you feel things aren’t working out, just submit a ticket at our help desk and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

    And there’s even more good news… After completing your purchase, there’s no need for you to wait for your product to arrive in the mail, you can download these packages in less than five minutes from now.

    The Rules Of A Quality Membership...

    You need to add more profits to your bottom line building a bigger, more responsive list of email subscribers and fresh prospects - And the reports you get with AutomatedListProfits come with full private label rights so you can brand them as your own and give them away (or sell them, combine them, chop them up and edit them) to build up your lists and engage with your new readers... It's the fastest and easiest way to do it... we are sure you are excited to get started!! But wait!

    Huh? Why would we want you to stop and read a bit more before becoming an AutomatedListProfits member?

    Because we really want you to understand that we strive to help our members succeed in their list building efforts...

    There is a tendency of membership website owners to launch a site and then close it after a short time because they did not think about the marketplace and how the rules of their membership would effect all members. We have and because of this, we have been running strong for years. Honestly, in any area of business there are some sites that struggle and others that fail.. we don't like failure. It is not an option - so all members have to follow some simple rules in order to keep this membership a long term and viable solution now and in the future.

    Below are the license terms of the editorial rights that you get with AutomatedListProfits:

  • You CAN use this product yourself.

  • You Can Sell This Product at a Price Point Determined by You.

  • You Can Give Away The Product (NOT The Source Code Files) To Your Subscribers, Members or Customers as a Bonus or Gift.

  • You Can Add This Product to a Membership Site or Bundled Within a Product Package as a Bonus.

  • You Can Modify the Product Anyway You See Fit To Add/Remove Content or Make It a Brand New Unique Product,

    Break It Up Into Articles, Email or Online Course Lessons.

  • You Can Rebrand, Rename, Redesign The Product & Create New Graph.

  • And here are a few of the rules that we do not allow, that helps us keep this membership site fair for everyone.

  • You CANNOT Give Away, sell or transfer the Private Label Rights to any third party.

  • You CANNOT Use the names of Simon Hodgkinson or Jeremy Gislason in any of your marketing, advertising or promotional campaigns.

  • You CANNOT Claim Copyright.

  • You CANNOT Sell Private Label Rights, Master Rights or Resell Rights to this Product IN ANY FORM.

  • Basically, you CANNOT just grab the packages upload them for others without changing them. That is just unfair to you and the other members AND It gets you a big ban hammer - WHAM. We are serious about protecting our members ability to profit!

    These are quality packages made for you to grow your list and succeed. They are well written and worth your time and we are adamant that all members follow these very simple rules. This is why we are still here when other sites have shut down.

    We’re really looking forward to working with you and hearing about your success. We’re confident that armed with these list building packages, you will save yourself countless painful hours of doing it all yourself and / or spending thousands of dollars outsourcing it all.

    Everything inside is ready and done for you!



    AutomatedListProfits Monthly Membership

    Yes! Get TWO brand new lead magnet kits monthly. Supercharge Your Results By Building Your List And

    Banking More Profits On Autopilot...It’s going to help your business out by SAVING YOU TIME &

    MONEY - And we’re guaranteeing it!

    Hit the ‘Join Now’ button above right now and we’ll see you on the inside...

    14 Days Money Back Guarantee

    If you are unable to access or use this product due to technical or issues out of your control, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked within 14 days.

    No Questions Asked!

    Try it risk free! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

    What People Say About AutomatedListProfits

    d foster

    I am just gob-smacked with my new Platinum Lifetime Membership here at Automated List Profits!...

    ... two complete Marketing Packages each month, as well as total access to all previous month’s downloads as well! All the packages are set-up in such a way, that it is just so easy to launch your next Marketing Campaign! Well done Automated List Profits you have created a real goldmine for us all...right here!

    Donald Foster


    richard legg

    Literally 'Point & Click Simple!...

    Literally 'Point & Click Simple! I'd been looking to build a higher ticket 'done for you' package for a while... You guys have just saved me months of work with this license!

    Richard Legg

    Author of GetHiddenProfits.com

    AutomatedListProfits Monthly Membership

    Yes! Get TWO brand new lead magnet kits monthly. Supercharge Your Results By Building Your List And Banking More Profits

    On Autopilot...It’s going to help your business out by SAVING YOU TIME & MONEY - And we’re guaranteeing it!

    Hit the ‘Join Now’ button below right now and hopefully we’ll see you on the inside...

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