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It's time to level up...

Uncover The Email Secrets The Gurus Want To Stay Hidden

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Stop shifting your focus to many different traffic fads and concentrate on the one that brings you solid results time and time again. 

That always brings return on any amount invested.

Somewhere that the money is…

Do You Know Where The Money Is?


Email is consistent…

  • It's Not A Fad

  • It Doesn’t Stop Working

  • Anyone Can Do It

Email marketing brings one of the most consistent returns on any investment.

 Bringing $50+ for every dollar invested.

Email has always outperformed all other methods of traffic. You must have heard the saying…

The Money Is In The List

But is it? Is the money still in the list?

It is but you just have to work harder to make it as profitable or even more profitable using the right tools.

Click and open rates are dropping its harder in 2022 to get good open rates without help.

How would you like to get better open rates?


Are You Tired Of Low Click Rates With Your Email?


Open rates are falling week after week for most marketers who are sticking to the same old boring emails.

Most click rates are falling below the 3% number.

So out of 1000 emails sent even if you get 20% opens, 200 opened your email. But the click rate is 3% that's only 6 people going to the offer you are promoting or telling them about.

That Causes Quite A Few Problems..

Low click rates means less and less buyers getting to the offers you are promoting. PLUS if less people are opening and clicking you are more likely to fall into the spam box 

What If You Could Double, Triple Or Even Quadruple Number Of People Clicking On Your Links In Email And Visiting Your Website?

Could it double, triple, or quadruple your sales and commissions?


Think of all those extra eyeballs to your offers, more people viewing your offer means more people buying the products you are selling.

What if we could give you an all in one solution that will skyrocket your email clicks like never before.



The All New Fourteen In One App For Increasing Your Email Click Rates By 300%

Each App Is Designed To Increase Click Thru Rates But Used Together They Will Sky Rocket Your Campaigns

gif img

Gif Creator

Are you having problems with email engagement, is no one clicking on your links? You need something to stand out from the crowd and turn your openers into clickers.

 If you use gifs inside your emails you will increase conversions instantly. These crazy little gifs will instantly help you get more clicks inside your emails. But not only can you get more clicks but they act as a trackers for the emails you can instantly see:

  • Views VS clicks

  • Browsers type

  • Device Type

  • Long Term Tracking

  • And Much More

  • cta img

    Call To Action Creator

    Create clickable call to actions for your emails. Does your current email autoresponder lack the ability to add call to actions direct to your emails?


    If it does you are losing a ton of clicks, if you add a button direct to your email you will instantly get more clicks than just a normal hyper link.With Email CTA lite you can create buttons for your emails. There is even in built tracking.

  • Pick the color for the button

  • Pick the size

  • Add your text

  • Add your link

  • Then embed and track

  • hour glass

    Time Creator

    Adding scarcity to emails can help you increase clicks to any emails. If your subscribers now they have a limited to take action then they are move likely to take action on the message.


    You can add to a email directly inside the email that lets you to add a countdown. You can set a date inside inside the email that the subscriber has to take action by. Your subscriber can see the date ticking down to make it even more urgent to take action.

    email destruct

    Email Self Destruct

    Imagine sending a email to your clients that they only have a limited time to read and act upon. You send the email but you tell the reader they only have 1 hour to act upon the contents or the email will self destruct.

    Sounds like Mission Impossible right?

    Sounds pretty cool right and it will make your readers take action as they know the email will not be there is the time that you specify. This is true scarcity. 

    You get all these in one web application and they will help you get more clicks on your emails instantly.

    social badge

    Social Badge Addon

    Add your social share options right inside your email so your visitors can visit your social media accounts. This helps you build your social media properties as well.

    Just add your urls and let email tools do the rest and create you a Social Media badge that can be embedded direct into the email.

    social share

    Social Share

    Create a link inside your email what lets your reader share the message on social media. This helps you create viral traction for your email message.

    This is simple to create inside Email Tools.


    Email Formatter

    This will help you get the right formatting for your email. This makes sure the email looks good on any device whether it be a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

    Simply add your email and let Email Tools do the work for you.

    video embed

    Video Embed

    Do you want to add your video message inside your emails. Let your visitors play your video messages directly inside the email without leaving the email.

    This lets you get your message across without your visitor ever leaving your email.


    Button Creator

    How would you like to create a clickable button directly inside your email that lets your reader take action. This makes it much harder for the reader to miss your call to action it is not missed in the email.

    You can create a button any color and add your own message and link.

    social sharer

    Social Sharer

    Create social engagement directly from your email. Send out your email and get your openers to share that email on their social media. You can set this up and add it direct to your email.

    yes no

    Yes/No Buttons

    Let users fully engage with your emails ask them to take action inside your email by offering them a choice in what they do inside the email. A simple yes or no button will get them clicking and you can send the click wherever you like.


    Review Element

    Get your email list to review your product direct from the email they don’t need to go anywhere else the review section will be added direct to the email. This makes your subscriber engage with you.



    Polls work well to engage your subscribers and what is better than having them inside your email. So they do not need to go anywhere else they can take the poll direct from the email.

    This will get your subscriber super engaged with you.


    Question and Answer

    Ask your subscribers what they want, find out what they need to help you sell and engage better with them.

    Add in your questions and answers lead them down the path you want them to do.



    Do you run events for your business then this is perfect for you. You can set the event directly inside the email.

    Let your subscribers pick the best date for the event this means that you will get maximum capacity at the event.


    Twitter Timeline

    Get your subscribers engaging with your tweets. You can embed your Twitter timeline directly into your email. So your subscribers can view your latest tweets and comment on them.



    Total Value: $500

    TODAY ONLY: $27

    Instant Access, No Monthly Fees, 30 Day Guarantee


    Email marketing is dead!

    That’s what the gurus tell you…

    ...Over and over and over again.

    The funny thing about that is they tell you this on your facebook and instagram feeds or in gmail and youtube ads.

    All while trying to obtain your email so that they can sell you their latest product or service that supposedly makes email marketing obsolete. What’s funny is sometimes they tell you this in their email.Social networks like facebook, instagram, pinterest and youtube are all great but there is a pretty open secret.

    They’re best used for finding new prospects and customers.

    If you are using them exclusively to find new customers every time you have a new product launch or affiliate promotion, or prospect new clients for your agency you’re going to waste a lot of time and money that cuts into your profits. You need to build and maintain relationships with prospects and customers, both now and in the future. 

    The truth is email marketing is far from being dead, in fact it is the simplest most cost effective way of driving traffic to whatever you are offering online. This is why most multi billion dollar businesses like Netflix and Amazon spend millions on email. 

    The real problem is that your inbox is crowded, once your prospect has received what they signed up for you must now convince them to keep opening your messages. You have between that first to seventh email if you are lucky.

    To help convince your subscribers to continuously open your emails you must present them with valuable content and promote quality products and services.

    It doesn’t end there, most of your competition is already producing and giving valuable content and promoting quality products and services. Yet many of their emails are also being ignored.

    The secret to an active email list that the gurus don’t tell you is subscriber engagement, it just isn’t enough to place links in your emails asking subscribers to go to a blog post, video or a sales page. These things are a must but you must engage your subscribers within the body of your email. So, how do you do that?

    Well, let me introduce you to Email List Studio the 14 in 1 app that explodes open rates by up to 300%!

    Nothing can guarantee every email marketer that level of improvement in their subscriber engagement that is not an empty number.

    You still have to present valuable, informative content and offer good products and services but if you do these things Email List Studio will give you the boost that gives you the advantage over the competition. It will give you what you need to have bigger product launches, dominate affiliate leaderboards, sign larger contracts with your agency clients or whatever it is you are promoting online.

    Just imagine the engagement you’ll get when you allow your subscribers to review your product right within their email.     

    You will have the power to create surveys, polls and more!

    Share animated GIFs that won’t play with your boring old autoresponder when you use Email List Studio’s image box.

    Numbers are important and when you create campaigns you will get analytics for each element you use that provides a wealth of valuable information.

    With good analytics you will be able to create better emails and plan better promotions that your subscribers actually want.


    Give Email List Studio a honest try today, you have nothing to lose because you are backed by our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.



    Total Value: $500

    TODAY ONLY: $27

    Instant Access, No Monthly Fees, 30 Day Guarantee

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